Carpets Tiles, Wall to Wall Carpets, Exhibition Carpets, Mosque Carpets, vinyl flooring, and all your Carpets, home flooring treatment solutions available in our store just give us a call Phone: 0566009626 – 0566776789 – 042959449.
At our store, you can buy all kinds of flooring products for your home and office flooring treatment in Oman and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Be your requirement wholesale, small or large, we do it all. We offer the made to measure carpet and handmade rugs with doorstep service and free delivery services.
We is one of the best carpet suppliers in Oman, Abu Dhabi & across the UAE. We have happily served the All UAE area  like ( Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Oman, Mirdif, All Emaar and Nakheel Building) Our commitment to customer satisfaction is based on three basic principles: quality, service, and selection.
Our Major Locations are:
Carpets oman
Carpets Qatar
Carpets Doha
Carpets Bahrain
Carpets Kuwait
Carpets Oman
Carpets Saudi Arabi
Carpets KSA
Carpets Manama
Kuwait City
Carpets Muscat
Carpets Riyadh
Carpets Gulf
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You can find out it by looking at the wide range of products we have under carpets section which include office carpets, vinyl carpets, Residential Carpet Tiles, wall to wall carpets, welcome carpets, animal skin carpets, axminster carpets, exhibition carpets, grass carpets, hand tufted carpets, mosque carpets, outdoor carpets, Persian carpets, sisal carpets, stairs carpets, and many more under Carpets Abu Dhabi.

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