Carpets and Rugs Edge Binding


  1. This carpet overlocking Sydney is ? premium style of binding, where we use the same product as the floor rug for the border, merrow edge normally showing an 120mm wide finish, but again you can choose the width of binding from 70mm upwards. Self-edging is a carpet edging strip under stated, very elegant, and timeless finish. (as shown)
  2. We can also apply self-edging to the top and bottom ends only to show a different look shown below.

Flat Strapping

  • Flat strapping is a stylish carpet edging Adelaide method of binding only available on the serge Villa Naturalis range of 100% Un Dyed Woven Wools where the sides are bound with no visible binding on the surface of the rug and carpet hemming.


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  1. Standard 5 thread overlock stitch application of overlocking with a cotton thread matched closely over edge stitch to the product edging carpet.
  2. Overlocking, flat lock seam is only available on our products in the dedicated manner of 100% Un Dyed Woven Wools
  • Carpet binding can be a simple and effective solution for floor coverings at home. ? ? In Home Flooring & Design Centre provides professional rug binding services flatlock stitch using stock material or ? own carpet remnants. There are many ways to customize new floor covering.
  • Once carpet binding tape floor covering is completed, we can ship it to home fast. Not sure how to use this service to best suit ? decor. You can use  rug binding service to create overlock seam a variety of looks or simply improve the way y home looks now.
  • Best of all, you can do it all while staying under budget.Make y off cuts Auckland rugby and waste carpet into rugs, mats and runners flat lock.
    Carve pin-stripes bound carpet remnants into y stair carpet to give a border effect. for carpet edging, STITCHING, and Binding?

Carpets and Rugs Edge Binding

  • Modification to the edges of a rug or carpet with fabric, thread, adhesives and/or stitching. Either to protect the edge carpet border tape from wear carpet stitching and unravelling or to create a custom rug, carpet edge trim cut to exact dimensions or shaped to suit room.
  • Binding is essentially a durable coled ? inch polyester fabric (binding tape) that is folded over and stitched whipping carpet onto the rough edge rug binding of the carpet.
  • We are extremely passionate about providing a professional carpet edging service and we have carpet edging tape the knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide a quality service.
  • The services we provide are beyond to what ? competitors sewing serge can offer overlock. It is an inexpensive way to turn edging for carpet leftover carpet from a wall-to-wall installation into area rugs and repair or resize area rugs you already own carpet whipping cost that have minor damage or frayed edges to look new again.

Add a curved border to carpet

  1. Col matching or over locker contrasting cols can be used.
  2. Fireside mats,5 thread overlock dog mats, bedside mats, bathroom mats, hall runners, stair centre pieces, caravan, car, camper or boat mats.
  3. Trade deals done for shops who want to bind their shop overlock stitch ? ends in to mats/runner, small, friendly, family business specialising in whipping, fringing, bespoke designed carpets edging, rugs and runners made to order, for the home, office and commercial premises.
  4. Business offers overlocking carpet a fast and efficient service with a quick turnaround for customers who want to bring in their carpet binding carpets to be edged.
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