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Best Customized Mats in Abu Dhabi are the best suppliers and sellers of mats and customized mats too. Our customized mats are one of our very best sold and amazing products. We have huge variety of indoor and outdoor mats and great choice of designs, patterns, colors and themes. We offer the Customized Mats choice for your place and you could choose any kinds of mats of your choice. Our Customized Mats Abu Dhabi are being made up of best quality materials and are very long lasting and durable in very affordable prices. There is diverse variety of best customized mats and a wide choice for your door mats and can be easily made to suit your interior and decor. And makes the appearance of the house more elegant, decent and presentable.

Types of Customized Mats 

          There are several types of customized mats on the basis of their functionality.

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Mats As the name shows, these mats can be used as inside and outside at the same time and these mats are made with the solid and durable material that makes them best suit for indoors and outdoors too. These can be used in houses and offices too.
  2. Interior Mats Interior mats are used for indoors and are best suit as per your interior because of its variety in designs and colors. Mats are best for the removal of dust, and dirt from any one’s feet while entering the rooms. Mostly indoor mats are made up of synthetic fiber, cotton, polypropylene and some rubber material.
  3. Scraper Mats These Customized Mats are designed to be place outside. This allows and helps to scrap all the dirt and dust away from shoes while entering. They are made of tough material and mostly of PVC and the edes are made in a way that they help in scraping the shoes.
  4. Decorative Mats These mats are used for indoors as the decorations and are made in different versatile designs and colors to best math the interior of the place.
  5. Anti-static Mats These mats are mostly used for indoors specially near electrical equipments like computers, printers etc. These mats are anti static and they stick to the floor and don’t move.

Fabrics of Customized mats 

  1. Coir
  2. Palmyra (palm)
  3. Fibres
  4. Stalks
  5. Nylon
  6. Rubber
  7. Cloth
  8. Aluminium

Advantages of Customized Mats 

  1. These mats protect from germs and contaminants.
  2. It’s safe.
  3. Reduces maintenances of the carpet.
  4. Preserves air quality, inside.

Custom Designed Mats in Abu Dhabi to make your entrance more welcoming

Looking for customized doormats with your brand in abu dhabi or seeking out custom designed mats which can be placed to welcome your guests at the entrances of resorts, consuming places, coffee shops and one-of-a-kind number one showrooms and logo outlets. Custom designed mats in abu dhabi may be used as a splendid advertising opportunity that enables your logo to the emblem via imprinting it on the mats.

Carpets Abu Dhabi is the choice of top organizations for brand mats

Brand mats or customized mats Abu Dhabi are utilized by top organizations and large manufacturers of abudhabi that are shown in our catalogues. Customized mats in Abu Dhabi are one of the great promoting products at carpets abu dhabi and we have served many huge clients which incorporates Marriott inns and hilton motels to call a few. At carpet abudhabi we print your logo on customized doormats, revealed doormat, rubber doormat, sisal doormats abu dhabi. Customized mats in Abu Dhbai at are available in multiple designs, colours, patterns and style to make your indoors and outdoors look fatuously fantastic. Because of their high durability these mats work for long years and works in every season.

Wholesale orders on customized designed mats

We moreover accept wholesale and bulk orders with any type of customization, the custom designed mats which are available at are crafted from the high-quality materials and lowering part generation of printing, embossing and demise. You can also, browse via our huge type of related merchandise, carpets, rugs, doormats, floor mats, synthetic grass and all varieties of flooring solutions. We have the time of highly skilled experienced professional to designed the customized mats which gives a perfect classy look to your interiors which you are expecting to have. We provide 100% customer fulfillment. 

Anti-fire coating customized mats 

Custom made mats from are also come up with anti-fire coating. With little efforts It’s very easy to maintain customized mats abudhabi as they can be clean easily by simple vacuuming. Customized mats are available in every size and beautiful designs and colours. customized mats give a warmth feeling to your feet when you walk on.

Buy Customized Mats Abu Dhabi 

If you are looking for best quality mats for your door entrance, bathroom entrance or offices, we at are the best manufacturer and provider of customized Mats Abu Dhabi. We have variety of amazing prints, patterns, themes and colors that make our products more valuable. You could order your own personalized designs for your customized mats orders and make your home look classy and chic. Our representatives can visit your place to show you demo of our reliable and valuable products. We also deliver your ordered products at your door steps within time. We at curtains Abu Dhabi provide the best quality of carpets and our quality is ensured at every step. Our hard work representatives make sure that they do their job at best, undertaking the corrective steps and at the end delivering amazing quality products.



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