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pvc vinyl flooring

Why Choose PVC Vinyl Flooring over Others?

Choosing a new floor for your home or office can be a tough call to make, especially with so many mind boggling options available at the market. Furniture arrangements and settings are comparatively easy to change but flooring is something that remains there for a long period of time, so the pressure of making the right decision first time round can leave one confused. Therefore, we offer our customers free consultation to help you different between different types of flooring and choose the one that best meets their needs. Our collection of PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi is among the most commonly bought flooring.

Affordable PVC Vinyl Flooring installation

A lot of people often overlook PVC Vinyl Flooring and prefer flooring that is assumed to be more luxurious and heavy study like wooden, stone or ceramic tiles. While others ignore PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi depending on their pocket and choose cheap laminate flooring that gets damaged in a year or two. The key to pick the right floor is to find the balance between price and luxury, which can be found in PVC Vinyl Flooring installation. 

Quality of PVC Vinyl Flooring

Our entire collection of PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi is made with fine quality flooring products like faux wood grain that results in a luxurious appearance. Our PVC Vinyl Flooring installation is done in a way that makes it water proof and highly durable. Plus, PVC Vinyl Flooring is an aesthetic flooring that comes with different colors and textures.

Types of PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi

We have all kinds of PVC Vinyl Flooring but the below listed are the basic types;

  1. PVC Vinyl Flooring rolls are traditional and have been used for decades. They are also easier to install and affordable.
  2. PVC Vinyl Flooring tiles are also traditional and available in different patterns. They mimic the appearance of wooden flooring.
Benefits of PVC Vinyl Flooring installation
  1. Installation- PVC Vinyl Flooring installation is very easy as it can be cut, shaped and welded into desired style through our professional skills.
  2. Versatility- PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi is available in various designs, patterns and textures hence giving the customer a great degree of freedom to choose according to their interior decoration.
  3. Durable- our entire range of PVC Vinyl Flooring is manufactured to ensure ultimate durability even in spaces with heavy foot traffic.
  4. Water and stain Resistance- our services of PVC Vinyl Flooring installation are famous for being waterproof and resistant to stain.
  5. Comfort- our flooring also offer comfort under foot and reduce noise while walking.
  6. Light Weight- our PVC Vinyl Flooring in Abu Dhabi is light weight, therefore reduces the difficulty to handle manually.
  7. Maintenance- it is also the easiest to clean in comparison to other floorings, just sweep with a damp cloth and your floor is sparkling.

Anti-Static- PVC Vinyl Flooring comes with anti-static property that keep you and your family safe from static energy because no static current passes from your floor.

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