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Hand Tufted Carpets

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Hand Tufted Carpet Abu Dhabi

Hand Tufted Carpet are the most special type of carpets as they are made from pure hard work and skills. Hand tufted carpets are made using hands by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched using a hand machine. Each and every hand movement contributes to the neatness and perfection of the hand tufted carpets. So it won’t be wrong to say that they are our most exceptional product. We offer to you a wide range of classic and modern designs.

Hand Tufted Rugs In Abu Dhabi Setting Trends

There are certain reasons that are making hand tufted carpets very famous and loved.

They are very cost friendly. As we just want our customer’s satisfaction and happiness due to which we provide best quality of products in most suitable and inexpensive charges. Low prices of Hand tufted carpet provide ease and convenience for all to buy Hand Tufted Carpet.

Hand Tufted Carpet Abu Dhabi are extremely user friendly because they are appropriate for all kinds of aged people, ranging from adults to infants. They are also very suitable for being used in different places like offices or residential areas. Hand Tufted Carpet are made out of very soft wool making it a safe play surface for kids as it is better than children playing on cold and dirty floor making them ill.

We ensure that all our hand tufted carpet are made up of natural products and methods so we have used special wool to they ensure that is it bacteria free. It can not cause any disease or allergy by getting in contact with Hand Tufted Carpet.

We are well recognized for our outclass values. We as hand tufted carpet suppliers persuade the people to return back again and get more products from us after first satisfactory purchase.

·         Hand Tufted Carpet Abu Dhabi employs well skilled people to make such perfect and superior products for our clients are produced. Due to which our customers feel affection and admiration for them.

·         Hand tufted carpet are best answer to consumers apprehension about their floors as they are present in many colors, shades, styles and sizes.

·         We make sure hand tufted carpets don’t need to be replaced soon and have a longer life span.

·         Hand Tufted Carpet are very easy to handle as they are very easy to maintain cutting expenses to carry travelling and service charges for dry cleaning as they can be washed at home once an year. Wet cloth can also be used to clean hand tufted carpet. They do not shed any thread or wool due to proper manufacturing and knitting.

Hand tufted carpets in Abu Dhabi

  1. Carpets are taken into consideration as the crucial accessory to endow your private home to make it welcoming and warmth.
  2. We use the high-quality best new zealand wool to make our hand tufted carpets. The fabrication obligations of hand tufted carpets are finished by using the use of utilising tufting gun which has needles established on its the front facet.
  3. The producing way is finished via the usage of palms and gadget a good way to carry modern-day and ingenious appearance to the ground pieces. We provide you big designs of hand tufted carpets with diverse size and materials.
  4. We provide sizable variety of hand tufted carpets with elegant patterns, unique designs and clean finishing.
  5. The hand tufted carpets are artificial with wool and cotton backing as a end end result you’ll get remarkable and immoderate sturdiness carpets for adorning your property.

Receiving Hand Tufted Carpet Abu Dhabi

We provide free delivery and installation facility at your door step for the customers who buy our Hand Tufted carpet. So don’t wait and feel free to contact us and order your single or bulk of Hand Tufted Carpet to avail such amazing services. Call on (056) 600 9626 or email on to book appointments to see the products present or to tell your specifications too.

Hand Tufted Carpets

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