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Best Hand Tufted Rugs in Abu Dhabi

Hand made products always have great value as compare to machine made products. Hand made products are very unique and are trending these days. People are valuing and requiring handmade products because of their uniqueness and perfection. Hand Tufted Rugs is also a thing these days. Hand Tufted Rugs are one of the amazing and uniquely made products of Carpet Abu Dhabi. They gives charming and classy look to the houses rooms and offices too. They are widely used by interior decorators these days. The patterns, designs and color combinations of these Hand Tufted Rugs makes them a great choice for your place. You could also match these Hand Tufted Rugs with the interior of your house and make them look more amazing and presentable.

Hand Tufted Rugs are made by a process that differs from machine-made rugs. The wool is stretched on a canvas and the strands of wool are pressed into that canvas with the help of a hand tool. After the complete piling of wool over the canvas, the canvas is taken down off the frame and then is backed with the good fabric which supports the Hand Tufted Rugs.

Hand Tufted Rugs are generally low in cost as compared to hand knotted rugs. Because it takes less time to make it.

  • The Durability Of Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand Tufted Rugs have a long life span if kept in a good form with care. These rugs last for long time and are very durable and reliable.

  • Cleaning of Hand Tufted Rugs

These rugs are very delicate rugs and must be taken care off. Its suggested no to share these rugs and incase of dirt just use the vacuum cleaner and if any strain just scrape it carefully.

  • Decoration of Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand Tufted rugs are best to be decorated under sofas and tables and also look amazing in the dressing rooms. Hand Tufted Rugs aren’t best suit for heavy food traffic area and busy hall ways.

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Our team here at Carpets Abu Dhabi insures the high quality of a product by running quality procedures at every step. Quality is our first and basic priority and there is no chance we compromise on our services. In order to keep up to the best standards we keep a track of our business processes and only employ well trained experts who can keep up with the standards and can provide perfect products demanded by our valuable customers by exhibiting their best skills and accomplishing their tasks in order to deliver exact designs required. Our tufted rugs are best for your homes and they will make your place look more chic and presentable.

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