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Best Linoleum Flooring in Abu Dhabi

Carpet Abu Dhabi is considered among best seller and supplier of flooring solutions. We have this edge that makes us special from other flooring suppliers and its that we offer customized floorings too. Linoleum Flooring is wise and best choice for flooring solutions. Our customized Linoleum Floorings Abu Dhabi are custom made as per your provided dimensions, designs, patterns and amazing color combinations. Our Linoleum Floorings Abu Dhabi are best for offices and organizations. We can even draw any designs and logos over the Linoleum Floorings as per your requirements which will make them best suit for office environments.Our Linoleum Floorings Abu Dhabi are also famous for use in hospitals, clinics, schools, homes and also nurseries. Their antibacterial property makes them best suit for hospitals and clinics.

Linoleum Flooring  and Vinyl flooring look alike and most of the time Linoleum flooring is mistaken to be Vinyl flooring, whereas unlike Vinyl flooring, Linoleum Flooring is made up all the natural materials. These floorings are great choices for your homes because they are very affordable and are very easy to install. It can be easily installed over damaged floor too. This flooring is eco friendly as its made up of all the natural materials and hygienically good.

Benefits of Linoleum Flooring Abu Dhabi

1. Versatility : It has variety of amazing colors, designs and patterns.

2. Durability : It is very durable and reliable which make it last for lifetime.

3. Affordable : This flooring is very easy on pocket and is affordable by anyone and


4. Water and moisture resistant: The best thing about these floorings is that they are water and moisture resistant. They don’t need any maintenance in case of water spilling or moisture because of humidity.

5. Anti bacterial and Anti Slippery: Linoleum flooring Abu Dhabi is naturally antibacterial and our floorings are anti slippery which avoids a lot of injuries and damages.

6. Easy Maintenance: It is easy to keep these floorings clean by moping and using

vacuum, so they don’t need any maintenance.

7. Its quiet: These floorings are very quiet. They don’t make sound when someone

walks over it.

Types of Linoleum Floorings At Abu Dhabi

1. Hospitals and clinics Linoleum Floorings

2. Homes Linoleum Floorings

3. School Linoleum Floorings

4. Offices Linoleum Floorings

Contact to Buy Linoleum Flooring in Abu Dhabi

Carpets Abu Dhabi offer flooring in different thicknesses. Some are thick and some are thin. And ourLinoleum Floorings are available in different amazing and vibrant colors and designs. We have best and trained representatives who are expert in the installation of Linoleum Flooring.

Being best flooring sellers, it makes us liable to provide best quality product and ensure the best services. Carpet Abu Dhabi provides easy installation by our well-equipped team but also provide delivery service at your own doorstep. Our amazing quality is acknowledged by our clients in a way that they become our loyal customers.

We deliver our Blinds Abu Dhabi throughout the UAE and Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain too.

So feel free to call us at 0566-00-9626 or drop a mail at

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