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Best Carpets Underlays in Abu Dhabi

Carpet Abu Dhabi is known for the sale of carpets, carpet accessories and floorings. We are one of the best providers of flooring solutions. Our amazing products add elegance along with tremendous quality and affordable prices. We at carpets Abu Dhabi also provide the wide range of Carpets Underlay options. Like all our other offered products, Carpets Underlay is also among our best products and we offer our delivery all across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Carpet underlay provides cushioning to the carpet. Its layer under the carpet to provide support and comfort to the carpet. These Carpets underlay are usually made up of sponge rubber, foam, felt, or crumb rubber and these soft material provide comfort to the feet while walking over the carpet. These material are laid under the carpets for providing protection against moisture, heat and sound.

Types of Carpets Underlay

There are several types of Carpets Underlay:

  1. Sponge rubber

Sponge rubber is most reliable and comfortable underlay. It’s has flat or waffle pattern and wide range of different weights. It has very long lasting spring retention.

  1. Polyurethane foam

It is the most popularly used and most trendy underlay in the market. This underlay performs excellent comfort and support and is quiet thick and dense. It’s in very light weight which makes it easy to handle. The best part about this underlay is that it can be re-utilized.

  1. Crumb

This underlay has dense and flat surface and it less comfy and is very suitable for heavy foot traffic.

  1. Felt

It is the most traditional underlay. This fiber is made up of recycled materials like wool, jute and synthetic material. It is very environmentally friendly and likeable by the carpet installers.

  1. Combination

This underlay is the combination of the rubber crumb. Overall this underlay is the combination of protection, durability and comfort.

Benefits of Carpets Underlay

  1. Major benefit of Carpets underlay is that it provide comfort and protection to the foot.
  2. It is sound resistant.
  3. Improves the warmth and coziness.
  4. Its increases the classy appearance of the carpets and reduce flattening.
  5. It is very durable and last life time of the carpet.

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