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Best Shaggy Rugs in Abu Dhabi

Carpet Abu Dhabi offers huge amazing variety of different types of rugs and carpets. Our carpets and rugs are best suit for all the places be it homes, office, motels, restaurants,cafes etc. We sell the best Shaggy Rugs in amazing styles and colors which give chic and funky look to the rooms. Shaggy Rugs are becoming very trendy these days, interior designers focus is classy and amazing interior and Shaggy Rugs Abu Dhabi adds beauty to the rooms and makes the look of the place very classy and appealing.

Shaggy rugs are made from soft,deep, thick piles and these deep piles make them shaggy and give them shaggy appearance. These Shaggy rugs we famous in 90’s but they are making their comeback and becoming more popular these days. People are replacing their old traditional carpets with the unique and impressive styles and features. It adds luxurious look to the room and make the rooms look more classy and appealing. These Shaggy rugs are mostly used in the luxurious motels and guest rooms.

Types of Shaggy Rugs Abu Dhabi

  1. Multi textures shaggy rugs
  2. Felted Shag rugs
  3. Super plush rugs
  4. Berber rugs
  5. Leather rugs
  6. Synthetic Shag rug (viscose, nylon,polyester)
  7. Faux stone rug
  8. Extra long shag rug

Shaggy Rugs Options in Abu Dhabi

  1. Color options

There are different options of multiple colors for shaggy rugs, that complements your interior, room furniture and wall paint.

  1. Shape options

Mostly square and rectangular shaped rugs are best to make a small room place cozy and comfy where as for large room areas, large round shaggy rug in the center would suit best.

Perks of Shaggy Rugs in Abu Dhabi

  1. Beautiful and chic visual appeal.
  2. Extremely comfortable and soft texture.
  3. It warms the floor and makes the room cozy.
  4. Diverse and versatile range of different styles and colors of shaggy rugs.
  5. Wool shaggy rugs being all natural reduces allergies and are amazingly stylish and comfy.
  6. These rugs are very thick and soft so they reduce any injuries.

What sets us apart from other rugs sellers?

  1. Our floorings are anti-slippery.
  2. Moisture and water resistant.
  3. Hygienic and anti-bacterial.
  4. Versatility of materials, themes, colors, patterns and designs.
  5. Customized and made to measure
  6. Unique and trendy designs.
  7. Amazing quality – Quality is our main focus. We don’t compromise on quality.
  8. Easy Installation
  9. Very affordable prices/ Friendly prices/Reasonable prices
  10. Durable and long lasting
  11. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  12. We are one call away – Representatives can visit at your place to show you the samples, share ideas and take measurement.
  13. Doorstep delivery and installation services

Buy Shaggy Rugs in Abu Dhabi Contact Us Now !

If you are residing across Abu Dhabi and Dubai and looking for pretty and reasonable Shaggy Rugs in huge variety of designs and colors than Carpets Abu Dhabi is the go to place for you. We are available to serve you in the best way we can. We can take orders for custom made rugs too. Our representatives are expert in their job, they can visit at your place to show you samples and even take measurements and give suggestions to help you choose best Shaggy Rug that suits your room and interior.

We are one call and email away!

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