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Cow Hides

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Cow Hides Abu Dhabi is one of the best seller of different kinds of floorings solutions providing the best quality with extra ordinary services. Cow Hides Abu Dhabi is one of the very unique and natural item sold by Carpets Abu Dhabi. These Cow Hides are chosen and imported in very good quality, making sure its authenticity, originality and natural touch. We sell hundred of cow hides having amazing patterns,colors, shades and markings. We sell the Cow Hides for residential purposes and for offices too.Cow hides are not only used as just the rugs on the floor, they are also used as the decoration on the wall.Sometimes just hunged or sometimes framed to be put on the wall. Our Cow Hides bring elegance to the rooms.

  • Cow Hides one of the amazing flooring solutions that gives natural look to your floors and rooms. These flooring suit well for homes and offices too. It is made up of the raw skin of the cow which is taken off when they are slaughtered. Cow Hides are made up of the natural skin of the cow without removing the skin hair or bleaching it’s color. Cow Hides Abu Dhabi are a pure natural product and meant to retain its natural look and color. The natural odour which cause any discomfort is being removed while processing and it smells like some pure leather product.
  • Types of Cow HidesCow Hides Are Mostly Differentiated On The Casis Of Their Shape And Cutting Style:

  1. One is the full body shaped Cow Hide that is along with the legs and body skin and

they are exactly cut of how they are and not trimmed or cut in any shape. 2. Other types of cowhides are perfectly cut and trimmed ones. They are styled and cut

in proper design shape ad these Cow Hide rugs are mostly round ones.

Mostly people like to use it in its complete natural form with the legs part attached to give it exact natural look and mostly these types are used in the farm houses or in front of the fireplace. And some people like it in the processed form which are being cut to the proper shape.

Benefits Of Cow Hides

  1. Versatility Cow Hides are known for their versatility. They come in several natural and solid colors which brings you the wide choice for your place, matching your interior and decor. Solid dyed Cow Hides are best decor options for offices and homes.
  2. Natural appearance

Having all the natural properties, cow hides provides natural look to the place. Natural pure Cow Hide rugs from carpets Abu Dhabi are unique in colors and shapes which add pure elegance to the rooms.

  1. Easy MaintenanceIt is very easy to maintain as when dirty you could just simply used vacuum cleaner or just shake it to remove dust.
  2. Durable and long lasting These are very durable and long lasting. Their natural properties make them survive for longer without color being faded.5. Hype – allergenic Very important and unique benefit is that these rugs are hypoallergenic and have zero fragrance that could be irritating for some people.
  • Buy Cow Hides Abu Dhabi you are looking for best Cow Hides across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are here to glady serve you. You can simply email us or call us for your orders on below details

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Cow Hides in Abu Dhabi

  • Carpet Abu Dhabi functions more than a hundred admirably smooth cow hides in a extensive sort of sun shades, sizes, colours and markings.
  • All our hides are hand-picked to ensure its authenticity and we have a rigorous first-class test system for the identical.
  • We make sure that the cow hides are of the high-quality quality and each disguise has been chromium tanned so your cowhide rug will ultimate for years.
  • Have questions? Name one in all our pleasant advisors nowadays who may be happy to endorse you about any of our product range.

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