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Persian Rugs – Way To Live High Standard Life

 There is a history behind Persian rugs. Rug name originate from the area known as Persia, that is the reason the label applies only to rugs handmade by artisans in Iran but now the time has been changed and these Persian are made available everywhere. If you find difficulty in Identifying the sterling Persian Rugs. After a long journey of our hard work, we made available the best and authentic Persian Rugs Abu Dhabi which rank on one of the most popular and demanding rugs. is the Best Place To Buy Persian Rugs because we are leading for the best quality Persian rugs. To identify an authentic Persian Rug, our team of experts do many efforts, understanding the different materials and construction methods. If you are looking the Best Place To Buy Persian rugs.

We provide two types of Persian Rugs 

Machine Made Rugs 

These Persian Rugs Abu Dhabi do not have the visible design and these rugs tend to have thicker backing.

Handmade Rugs 

We make handmade Traditional, authentic Persian Rugs Abu Dhabi using natural materials. The design of the hand-woven Persian Rug is visible

Material Used To Make Persian Rugs 

Two basic material are utilized to manufacture these Persian Rugs Abu Dhabi


  • This is the most common material to manufacture Persian Rugs because of the following features it is,
  • Wool is so soft
  • Wool is highly durable and long lasting.
  • We use wool from best sheep to create the rugs.


  • Silk is one of the expensive material incorporated into Persian Rug design.
  • This material is not commonly used like wool.
  • We use silk to manufacture Persian Rugs Abu Dhabi because silk is a fine and strong material.
  • For the high traffic areas, we suggest to skip the Persian Rugs made from silk material.

To keep the overall rug highly durable, also utilize a mixture of wool and silk to emphasize certain details in Persian rug Abu Dhabi

Features Of Our Persian Rugs 

These Persian rugs are the best artwork for your floor as intricate detailing and beautiful designs. is the Best Place To Buy Persian Rugs because we made time-tested construction methods with quality materials to make authentic Persian rug

  • We made Persian rugs highly durable, long-lasting
  • These Persian rugs are able to withstand foot traffic.
  • Persian rugs are used as a floor mat warm especially in winter.
  • We have many old Persian rugs are still in existence.

Type of knot indicates that the rug we carry is an authentic Persian rug or not. This is simply identified because Persian rugs traditionally feature a single looping knot.

You feel really amazing when know the pros of our Persian rugs for sale. These rugs are most beneficial than other rugs options, or even over other carpets. These Persian rugs among all, are the softest that you can own and won’t want to miss that comfort. It is affordable with super soft quality.

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