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Self –Leveling Of Floors 

The surface of Self-Leveling is usually uneven, making it difficult to fix tiles, carpet, plastic flooring etc. It is necessary to create a leveled, smooth and durable surface if such floorings are to be successfully applied. This kind of surfaces may also be required as finishing layers for floors in places such as basements, home storerooms, attics.

 It is ideal for Self- Leveling and smoothing surfaces that are going to be covered with various floorings such as tiles, carpet, plastic flooring etc. It can also function as the final surface of floors in basements, attics, home storerooms.

Matchless Expression of Self- Leveling 

  •  The temperature for Self –Leveling Dubai during application must be between +50C and +350C.
  • A clean container is filled with 6, 5 liters of water and the content of a 25 kg bag of FLOWCRET 1-10 is gradually added, under continuous stirring, until a uniform fluid mass without lumps is formed. A low revolution (300 rpm) mixer may be used for mixing.
  • The FLOWCRET 1-10 mixture should be spread in a single layer, with the aid of a large rubber spatula, at a thickness of up to 10 mm.
  • Consumption is approx. 1, 65 kg/m2 for a 1mm layer thickness.
  • For applications at thickness of 10-30 mm, 0-4 mm particle size sand is added in proportion of 30-50% by weight.
  • To remove any air trapped in the self-leveling compound, the surface should be rolled with a special spiked roller. This inhibits formation of bubbles.

Why Choose Our  Self-Leveling Services ?

Perfect Combination of Design by Self –Leveling 

To achieve a smooth base for the floor covering, Self –Leveling Abu Dhabi provides a flexible, fast-curing solution that works with a range of substrates. To obtain the best results, a smooth and solid finished resilient floor, the self-leveling undelay is an absolute necessity.

Elegant And flexible Self –Leveling 

Self-Leveling Abu Dhabi uses innovative self-leveling compounds are designed to save flooring contractors valuable time and money. With low dust, low odor and walk-on times as short as two hours, self-leveling floor are the smart choice for your subfloor preparation.

High Quality Reputation Self –Leveling 

Self-Leveling Abu Dhabi has built a reputation for high quality – high tolerance – industrial concrete floor solutions. We provide concrete flooring technology through innovation in materials, construction techniques and design.

What Make Us Look-Alike Different ?

  • Easy to use
  • Fast-curing
  • Flexibility: ideal for a wide range of substrate applications, from concrete and sand/cement screeds to stone, rigid metal and wood.
  • Fiber reinforced: many of compounds are reinforced with fiber for crack bridging and flexibility
  • Polymer modified: cementations compounds have high polymer content for excellent adhesion strength
  • Protein free: many of compounds are suitable for use in occupied and hygiene-sensitive areas where minimal odor is required

Place An Oder 

 If you are looking for Self –Leveling we are giving you the desire at your doorway in a quick and in an easy way. We are contemplating amongst the best self-leveling making and designing companies. We offer at reasonable price. If thinking for buying then buy from us. Contact us on the below address.


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