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"We serve our customers across uae in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Al Fujairah and umm al quwain for all sorts of carpets in abu dhabi".

Welcome To Carpets Abu Dhabi – Carpet Shop in Abu Dhabi

Carpetabudhabi.com provides carpets that are worth your flooring, they offer many benefits including;

  • Carpets are made using fibers that are environment friendly as they contain no VOC compounds. They really provide a fresh atmosphere with clean air, having the ability to trap residue and debris. 
  • They provide warmth and comfort as they efficiently regulate temperature and provide adequate insulation. In cold seasons carpets trap the warmth for a longer time making the room comfortable and cozy. 
  • Carpets provide a soothing ambiance to the area to sit, play and rest. 
  • There are various flooring options in which carpets are the most versatile. They come in a huge number of styles, designs and shades that can be selected as per the preferences. There are various combinations too which can create a unique look for the space. The versatility of the option in carpets, the possibilities are endless. 
  • Carpets complement the interiors beautifully bringing all the elements of the room together for a cherish able look.  
  • Carpets effectively provide padding to the floor, avoiding any slips or possible injuries from falls. They provide a secure surface to play and walk especially for kids and the elderly. 
  • These floor covering are designed keeping in mind the individuals for long standing. Carpets provide comfort underneath the feet and prevent stains from long standing and walking. 
  • Carpets have the ability that can effectively lessen the effect of noise pollution. It also dampens the sound providing sound insulation creating a calmer environment. They are significantly more effective in noise reduction than some other flooring surfaces. 
  • The manufacturing of carpets makes them very adaptable, making them visually attractive and functional at the same time. They provide a general aesthetic and positive ambiance along with serving its purpose to cover and protect the flooring.

Carpetabudhbai.com a Leading Brand for Carpets in Abu Dhabi


Carpets Abu Dhabi is one of the terrific carpet carriers in abu dhabi and a leading carpet supplier in Abu dhabi because we have the carpet set up for almost all types of abu dhabi carpets like domestic carpets and place of business carpets starting from wall to wall carpets, mosque carpets, Persian carpet, handmade carpet, exhibition carpet, event carpet, customized sisal carpets, place of work carpet tiles in abu dhabi, further to custom sisal rugs, domestic carpets, stairs carpets and hundreds of various types of floors like parquet flooring, laminate floors, wooden floors, vinyl floors, percent flooring and synthetic grass floors in abu dhabi ,abu dhabi and across uae.Thus you do not require for any expatwoman to fear about wherein to shop for carpets in Abu Dhabi or ask in reality all and sundry about carpet tiles costs in abu dhabi or wherein to buy carpets in abu dhabi as you have got a completely unique on-line carpet from our Abu Dhabi carpet factory.

We are a huge carpet manufacturers and one of the top carpet dealers. We’ve big carpet warehouse for all carpet sources. Exquisite carpet offers and you could have a concept for carpet charge consistent with square foot. All heavy obligation carpet in which you could purchase on-line carpets and floral carpet. Outstanding carpet shops and carpet shops. Beautiful ground carpet from the carpet keep which nice makes a specialty of first-rate carpet having excellent carpet styles. Every sort of carpets and rugs, patterned carpet, with extraordinary bedroom carpet. We will make your kitchen look remarkable with our Kitchen carpet and your relaxation room can also appearance high-priced without bathroom carpet.

Welcome to carpetabudhabi.com if you want to enhance your dwelling place with beautiful and stylish carpets. Carpets Abu Dhabi is specialized to provide all forms of flooring answers. Carpetabudhabi.com is the leading brand in Abu Dhabi carpet market because we have all the exhaustive sorts of merchandise, carpet stores abu dhabi, brilliant carpet stores, fine carpet shops in abu dhabi, super location to buy carpet, carpet for sale in Abu Dhabi, carpet shops in abu dhabi for each interior and exteriors which consist of a huge range of picks in carpets, curtains , rugs, floors, doormats, synthetic grass, blinds and such a number of to be had in precise patterns, colorations and styles. At carpet abudhabi.com we offer our products under everyone’s budget to satisfy your necessities and furthermore permits to enhance the look of your house.

We Use Elegant and Synthetic Material For Carpets 

Most of these products from our carpet market Abu dhabi are synthetic with fine quality fabric. Browse via the internet website to appearance out for the huge form of products underneath each elegance. If you are attempting to decorate the appearance and sense of your administrative center, domestic, accommodations and lots of others. We are top carpet manufacturers presenting even carpet expenses in keeping with square foot.


Our Best Selling Carpets

Wall to Wall Carpets

A floor is a first physical interaction and it does matter a lot. An appropriate flooring with a comfortable floor covering is what gives a space its identity. carpetabudhabi.com brings the vast varieties of wall to wall carpets to furnish your space and provide the look it deserves. Wall to wall carpets not only offers a beautiful appearance but is quite a practical option. It provides high comfort, diminishes outside noises and has isolative qualities compared to other floor covering options.  These carpets are a medium of expression and with a huge selection of options you can enjoy its various benefits.

Carpet Tiles 

Carpet tiles are modular tiles that are different in look with the regular carpet flooring options. These tile shaped carpets come into squares and are installed combining pieces. The best advantage of using this type of flooring is that you can buy additional pieces and easily change the affected area with the new tile piece. Carpetabudhabi.com possesses a vast collection of carpet tiles having many colors and designs to choose from according to the interiors. The various color combinations present can easily mingle with your interior elements bringing all them together within the space. They provide the room the perfect look it deserves.

Mosque Carpets

Mosques are the sacred places where Muslims offer prayers that makes it necessary to make them comfortable. Mosques carpets not only makes the flooring comfortable but also creates a spiritual ambiance. These carpets offer many benefits be it their aesthetic looks or providing a cushion for an easy prayer offering. Carpetabudhabi.com provides some of the best options in mosque carpets other than the others. With vibrant colors and unique designs the mosque carpets when installed produces a soothing and a peaceful feel all around the space. The design and color also provides the mosque’s interior a spiritual and elegant look.

Sisal Carpets

Sisal fibers are famous for their origin from the agave plant and make it a durable choice as a carpet fiber. Sisal carpets are one of the many natural fiber made carpets that are quite in demand for eco-friendly people. Carpetabudhabi.com offers the durable carpeting options for evergreen looking floorings in a space. Sisal carpets are stronger and tougher than the fibrous material like the jute making them a reliable option if you don’t want to change floorings for a long time. The best thing is not only the durability but the look it provides to a space is also something that makes it a mostly selected carpet.

Persian Carpets

Carpets are an introduction of your flooring; they are capable of creating a smoothing and comfortable feel into the room. There are not only the contemporary styles but also the traditional ones that are quite into trend, one being the Persian carpets. Carpetabudhabi.com offers Persian carpets that are finely crafted for a perfect traditional touch and beautifully complementing your interior. The colors and designs are combined skillfully to give a touch of modernization into the traditional weaving style that provides an interior a unique look to cherish. Persian rugs energize a room with its timeless beauty and nature along with creating a peaceful ambiance.

Artificial Grass Carpets

Artificial grass carpets are a good alternative to natural grass that provides an equal look to the lawn as the natural ones. These are ideal for those who love green but are not able to maintain and look after the natural grass. Artificial grass carpets by carpetabudhabi.com are perfectly made that reduces efforts in its maintenance and upkeep. There is a range of different fibers and shades available of such grass to select from as per the area or lawn preference. Artificial grass carpets are versatile and offer a year round fresh looking lawn to a home and that with very low maintenance.

Why Choose Our Carpets?

There are several qualities of carpets, you will know when chosen by carpetabudhabi.com for purchasing. For instance,

  1. Carpets are the basic asset to absorb sounds. We have such carpets, providing you less noise as compared to other hard surface flooring.
  2. Carpetabudhabi.com is a place from where you can buy these carpets at an economical price and get the desired product in less time. 
  3. The installation of our carpets in home or office is a good decision for you. It is safe in cold weather because we used such authentic material which provides warmth to the area. 
  4. Our carpet is the most desiring element to give a unique and trendy look to your room. The reason behind its popularity is anti-slippery.
  5. We made available the carpets in different textures which may impress the viewers to watch again. Its surface is gentle on walking but hard for heavy metal objects. Which causes damage or spoiling.
  6. Our carpets also provide prevention from dust and stain. You can easily utilize them where you want. Due to this reason, the maintenance is quite easier than others. 
  7. We are the leading company and preparing carpets for you is of standard quality because we never compromised with the material. Our quality carpet is responsible for our good reputation and long last relationship with the customers all around. 
  8. Carpetabudhabi.com is famous for making elegant designs. Our designs grab the attention of customers and are available in all light and dark colors. The combination of light and dark colors is also an option. We offer you to buy furniture.

Carpets are getting popular and its popularity is increasing day by day. These carpets are available in all the standard sizes even in extra- large sizes at carpetabudhabi.com. We also made these carpets on customization. 



At carpets abu dhabi you can experience unrivaled doorstep provider, call now at 056-600-9626 and our government and specialists will gift you the samples without a duty to buy. You may furthermore mail us at info@carpetabudhabi.Com if you have a custom designed requirement and request for free quote.

Our customers are throughout in abu dhabi, Jumeirah village, investment park, emaar business organization park, down city abu dhabi the vegetables, uptown merdif the views meadows, burj khalifa, Jumeirah seaside residence, palm ras al khaimah, jbr Jumeirah islands, um al Quwain, abu dhabi, Ajman.

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At carpets abu dhabi, we provide high exceptional services as in keeping with your requirement. Be your requirement small, large or wholesale we do it all. Customization is our electricity be it rugs, curtains, blinds, doormats, wallpaper, partitions and masses of more. With our quality quality product, suited prices and dedication we’ve got received the believe of the massive customers and main lodge industries in the close by and global market. Our income experts are very friendly and co-operative. Do no longer hesitate to undergo the listing of our clients beneath.

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