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Buy High Quality Handmade Rugs in Abu Dhabi 

Carpets Abu Dhabi bring for you the another floor solution.  We provide to you the best handmade rugs in the gulf. Be it refining your home floors or decorating your office floors, these rugs are providing you an opportunity to refine you surroundings areas by covering your floors with classy yet elegant Handmade Rugs Abu DhabiEvery thread of these rugs represents the hard work and willpower used by our very skilled and determined craftsmen to create these. We are leading the market due to our commitment to quality and customers’ satisfaction.

Features Of Our Handmade Rugs

Certain qualities of these rugs make them most desirable floor decor in the Gulf countries. Handmade Rugs Abu Dhabi are well-known for their quality standards. They are best very durable and can be used for years without being replaced. Rugs are available at best prices but here fewer prices do not reduce the quality of products. We assure both high quality and affordable prices together. They are made using best hand tools.

  • Handmade Rugs are extremely trouble-free to clean and maintain as they can be cleaned easily at home by skipping traveling and dry cleaning cost, as well as efforts and time.
  • We here offer you Handmade Rug like none before. For the first time avail the opportunity to get your own customized rugs along with the already made ones. Now you can get your handmade rugs made the way you like, design them according to your need and demand. Be it a company logo or any artistic graphic get anything made on your handmade rug by us. Not just designs but you can also select and specify sizes of your rugs as required. You can also choose between different colors schemes and thickness of the rug too.
  • Our rugs are fire protected which means cannot conduct fire and so can not harm anybody. They are also anti bacterial preventing diseases and illness. They are made up of soft material and are anti slippery so anyone can not fell of them or cannot get injured too.

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Another amazing facility provided by carpet Abu Dhabi is that they not just provide Handmade Rugs but also provide delivery and initialization services for all their products for your satisfaction. This makes them stand out in the UAE market. This enables the customers to get their products at home cutting down their shipping cost, effort, man power and time too. And also ensures perfect fitting of rugs. Not just Abu Dhabi but we deal with customers across UAE in areas like Dubai, Al Ain and Sharjah. Other than UAE our Persian carpets for sale are sold to other countries in Gulf too like Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

So call now at (056) 600 9626 any time or visit us to avail these amazing facilities and products at very convenient cost and ease.

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