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Carpet Abu Dhabi, being an expert in carpets and rugs, is also known for authentic quality oriental rugs. Oriental Rugs are widely used and famous mostly in asia. These rugs are mostly used in residential places and makes the houses look traditional and classy. Oriental Rugs are available in different dimensions and sizes. Size of oriental rugs ranges from small pillow size rugs to large rugs, room sized rugs and floor coverings. These rugs fulfill all the functional needs along with satisfying and classy decor to the place. Oriental Rugs can be pile woven or flat without pile woven.These rugs are hand knotted and are mostly imported from Asian origins.

Oriental Rugs is the most trendy and famous rugs and they look beautiful and adds beauty to the house interior. These Oriental Rugs are never getting out of fashion. These beautifully crafted rugs are famous all around the globe and are available in an extensive range of colors and designs. It can be easily matched to the interior and wall color of the rooms. These rugs increase the visual appeal of the rooms.

Material of Our Oriental Rugs

  1. Wool
  2. Cotton

Features Of Oriental Rugs

  • It improves and beautifies the interior of the rooms.
  • These rugs are very soft and comfortable and feel good to walk over it.
  • Protects floors from any damages.
  • Warms the floor and makes the rooms cozy.
  • Oriental Rugs reduces loud sounds and echoes.
  • This Oriental Rugs Abu Dhabi reduces damages and accidents.
  • These rugs are made with natural fibers thus its anti-allergic.
  • It has a long life which makes them last for generations.
  • Adds sophistication and class to the rooms.
  • They are full of history and environment-friendly.
  • These rugs are a good and one-time investment that lasts longer.
  • Can be easily cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaner.

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If you are looking for the best quality and genuine Oriental rugs Abu Dhabi, we at carpet Abu Dhabi are the best choice for you. Our flooring products are very durable and reliable and due to their premium quality, they don’t need any maintenance.  They last longer and are in a very reasonable and affordable price. You can add great value to your house by installing these traditionally beautiful rugs from Carpet Abu Dhabi. We are best known for selling fire resistant rugs keeping it safe for your home in case of any fire accidents. And our amazing quality is never compromised because that’s our major trait. Due to the high quality, our products are durable and they last for generations and still stay as new. We not only deliver our products but we also provide installation services. Our representatives are very well trained and are very professional in installing the rugs. Our representatives can also visit your place to show you samples and help you decide the best carpets and rugs to suit for your rooms.

If you are looking to buy from us you can contact us on below details:

Phone – 056-600-9626

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