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After a wide range of different rugs and carpets, carpet Abu Dhabi keeping up with the trends introduces for the first time in UAE special Patch Work Rugs.  Patch Work Rugs are made out of pieces of old carpets or rugs that are refined and made into a single piece to create such amazing designs and collection of patch work rugs. Patch work rugs are considered as most versatile and antique rugs.

They are among the best means of contribution in your interiors to make your surroundings marvelous. These rugs give each and every room a very fresh and classy look. The freshness and class contributed by these rugs make the environment more active and rewarding. Patch Work Rugs Abu Dhabi differs from others due to their unique style as they carry a part of different designs.

Features Of Our Patch Work Rugs

There are certain reasons Patch Work Rugs are being loved by all and are being purchased in such great quantities. They also add up to colors and variety to your surrounding be it house or office.  They are available in different colors and patterns just as you demand. It varies in colors, cuts and styles giving a chance to everyone million of potential to accomplish your style statement.

  • Patch Work Rugs can consist of different office logos printed or cool quotations for homes providing the user a great option to get a look related to their goals.
  • These patch work rugs are very soft and comfy making it easy to use without getting tired or hurt.
  • Patch work rugs sold by us can also be made anti fire to prevent any kind of accident or loss helping out the clients.
  • They do not heat up quickly saving power resources and helps users save money.
  • They also are sound absorber due to which they are proving to be ethically perfect by preventing sounds to spread and disturb people in neighborhood.
  • They are anti slippery as they prevent users from tripping off the floor producing a smooth plain to walk on, and are also safe for toddlers to walk or crawl on.
  • They are very cheap and reasonable than other floor solutions saving the consumers wealth.
  • Patch Work Rugs are easier to maintain as they do not need to be substituted again and again.
  • They are user friendly as they can be easily cleaned and can be washed at home easily.

Get Your Patch Work Rugs Now !

Patch Work Rugs are prepared using high standard materials and high tech printers producing best resolution images and prints on rugs as commanded by clients. For customers ease we also cut off half of the consumer’s pressure by proving deliver and installation facility in which our trained people drop your rugs and ensure their perfect fitting to satisfy you.

So just visit us or contact us for best services and to premium quality products now. Call now at (056) 600 9626 or Email us at

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