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Best Leopard Rugs in Abu Dhabi

Carpet Abu Dhabi offers variety of rugs and carpets. Animal rugs and carpets are also much known and are very trendy these days and we offer different animal rugs including zebra hides, cow hides, and tiger prints on cow hides and leopard rugs. Our best attribute is that we sell best quality products and we also offer customized Leopard Rugs, as per your any custom designs and in any colors you want. You could also choose among various patterns of Leopard Rug Abu Dhabi. We make these rugs from natural animal skin and these skins are very original and authentic. Natural leopard skin is very rare to find and it’s being imported from Africa and African lands and these skins are very precious and worth great value.

Leopard Rugs are machine made rugs and are available in different shapes, patterns, colors and themes. Some Leopard rugs are made exactly to the leopard body shape. These rugs gives the great and catchy appearance to your place and are amazing for decoration. Leopard Rugs turn your rooms from drab to fab. These rugs look too classy in the dining halls, under the sofas, and in the kid’s rooms too.

Types of Leopard Rug 

Three are three basic types of Leopard rugs offered by Carpet Abu Dhabi

  1. Natural Authentic Leopard Rug

Natural authentic leopard rug, as the name suggests, it’s made up of original leopard skin. This is the masterpiece

  1. Leopard rug design on hand tufted rug

In this type of rug Leopard design is made on the hand tufted carpets.

  1. Leopard print on animal skin

In leopard print carpets, leopard prints are done on the animal skins and cow hides. It gives great look to the floors and actually looks like actual leopard skin.

    4. Customized Leopard Rugs

In custom, made to measure Leopard Rugs, you could choose the color you like as per your interior decoration requirements. You could choose among any color matching interior of your room. These are natural animal skin made rugs, by installing these rugs we could feel more close to the nature and feel more refreshing and settled in our places. It’s just like bringing nature into our homes and it feels so satisfying and peaceful.  Carpet Abu Dhabi’s custom made products are made according to your provided dimensions, shapes, color patterns and designs.

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Leopard Rugs are amazing products sold by carpets Abu Dhabi with their authentic natural look. These rugs brings classy and chic look to your rooms and they also feel very soft to the feet. Their soft and cozy touch makes them a very better choice for our rooms. Our rugs are non-slippery and easy to walk over and are best for interior decoration.

Amazing quality of our Leopard rugs Abu Dhabi have amazing quality and we are known for delivery the premium quality and bright looking leopard rugs all around Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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