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Wall skirting SERVICES abu Dhabi

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Wall Skirting Boards are the well introduced and important thing of almost every house. People were also used them as mop boards because people used them as a wall protector when water is on the floor or the floor was being mopped. But now Wall Skirting Boards are used as a finisher as people start to use them throughout the walls.

The Purpose Of Using These Wall Skirting Boards Abu Dhabi:

Because of the requirement of the current time, the impression of exposing of wires is not ethical as it looks displeasing at first sight. The old way to hide these wires is taking them under the ceiling and that will make complication in the future. Because the small piece of repair cost a lot and the whole ceiling design has to be removed. Now Wall Skirting Board Abu Dhabi comes with the solution as you can put these Wall Skirting Boards onto the wall and hides all your wiring system underneath.

These wall skirting boards are also known as baseboards. Between the wall and the floor, there is a gap and to avoid that gap you can use these wall skirting boards Abu Dhabi. These Wall Skirting Boards Abu Dhabi works as an impediment as it maintains a safe distance of your furniture from the wall which keeps your walls elegant. For the decoration of the room, you can also change these Wall Skirting Boards. You can put these Wall Skirting Boards Abu Dhabi according to your room color and it will look stunning. If you have children in your home these wires can be dangerous to them and may cause serious harm to them and to avoid it you can use Wall Skirting Boards Abu Dhabi.

Following Are The Types Of Wall Skirting Boards Abu Dhabi:

Georgian Skirting:

This Wall Skirting Board is made by the inspiration of molding designs that are used in the Georgian period (1714-1830). This Skirting Board is well recommended because of its 25mm MDF thickness. This board is quirky and smooth finish because of the procedure of its cutting with a razor-sharp knife.

Antique Skirting:

This Wall Skirting Board can create an extremely dense look as compare to other boards. It is made as smaller overall height skirting board. It can be available in two different lengths, 3050mm for the standard length and 4200mm length for the extended length.

Pencil Skirting:

Pencil skirting is commonly used for the perfect design as if the customer is looking for a plain and uncluttered wall. This Wall Skirting Board can easily hide your wires.

Bullnose Skirting:

Bullnose Wall Skirting Board is available in the range from 50mm – 300mm in height. This Wall Skirting Board is exactly made for the purpose to hide the irrelevant wires and pipes. This Skirting Board provides a crisp clean finish so that it will give a mesmerizing look to your room. This Skirting Board is easy to clean and have the ability to match any interior of your room.

Edwardian Skirting:

Because of the Edwardian era were those period when houses can be built in swift time. This Wall Skirting Board offers just simplicity and also these Skirting Boards are small as compare to skirting boards. This Wall Skirting Board can be used for the impressive general look.



Victorian Skirting:

This Wall Skirting Board reflects the Victorian period (1837-1901). Because of its 25mm thickness these Wall Skirting Boards easily placed on walls and wire can be hiding underneath it and it also gives your room a classy style and design which can be attractive and appealing.

MDF Skirting:

These Wall Skirting Boards are simple but can add a bit classy look to your room space. These Wall Skirting Boards are used if you want your house traditional or it can also fill the requirements of white Wall Skirting Board.

Contemporary Skirting:

These Skirting Boards are shorter as compare to other Walls Skirting Boards. It can also be made by raw MDF or pre-primed material. It can easily hide your unnecessary wires and the quality of these Wall Skirting Boards are soft and hardwoods, with standard MDF and moisture-resistant MDF which are long-lasting.

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we’re a trusted title of the industry famous for offering to our purchasers a broad spectrum of Wall Skirting. absolutely acclaimed for his or her exceptional sample and designs, these furnished products are made utilising ideal grade fabric and progressive tools and equipment. furthermore, we examine the whole assortment on a couple of grounds earlier than excellent dispatch to maintain their flawlessness at our patrons’ conclude.


long lasting
Corrosion resistant
high strength

as far as condominium fittings go, skirting board are in most cases probably the most acquainted and the predominant one. In early days they were often known as as mop boards due to the fact that that they had been used to retain the partitions from the water when the floor used to be once being mopped. Now days, they’re almost always used as a finish border for the duration of the partitions .

what’s Skirting Used For?

exposed electrical wiring of your room isn’t a excellent alternative neither a just correct design . Wires may also be hidden with the aid of taking it by the use of the ceiling that means doable problems at some factor, as in any small repair the whole false ceiling design must be torn down .The clever solution is to hide the wiring within the skirting board , it’s much less high-priced and priceless .

Skirting board is often known as as “base boards”, the boards that go at bottom of your wall between your wall and your flooring.there is unavoidable gap between the walls and the ground , to avoid such gaps skirting is the nice option over redoing the work .Skirting board is a protecting barrier, they restrict and guard the partitions from the marks by way of maintaining the space of furnishings or different factors of the examine the mood of the room skirting finishes can be converted. It offers conclude , gentle and reliable look .



Pencil skirting is an right design, it is encouraged if the purchaser is observing for a obvious conclude, to patterned or indisputable walls.Cable rebate is provided to duvet the unsightly wires at the back of the boards.


Georgian Skirting Board is motivated through the internal moulding designs used in the course of the Georgian interval (1714-1830).The Georgian style is principally good best to a thicker fabric and as a result advocate deciding on 25mm thick MDF.The Georgian Skirting Board is uniquely reduce with the excessive great slicing knives for the smoothest conclude.


The Edwardian generation was a period of speedy condo establishing. The designs reward a common simplicity on Victorian moulds.The Edwardian Skirting is small in prime.natural look will even be set inside the room via improving the design with the certain moulding on the perfect of the board.

vintage SKIRTING

The boldness of the skirting profile creates very ‘compact’ show up than the opposite profiles within the variety with a an same’s better right to the skirting boards of a smaller whole prime. it can be to be had in both a 3050mm customary size or the elevated 4200mm measurement.

MDF skirting boards is the easy skirting that will add slightly of sophistication to any room of your apartment. MDF is affordable and long lasting material manufactured from compressed fibres. MDF skirting has been normal in usual and today’s houses. MDF is an excellent alternative if you’re watching for the normal white skirting board.


It reflects a general inside moulding design from the Victorian interval (1837-1901).The Victorian skirting is just right suitable to a 25mm thickness. The tricky detailing of the board will even be completed by using utilizing gloss finish that makes it possible for you so as to add the category and type to the room. original seem may also be set inside the room by way of bettering the design with the particular moulding on the perfect of the board.
ultra-modern SKIRTING

cutting-edge day skirting boards are more often than not shorter than additional customary styles. The moulding may also be manufactured out of your option of pre –primed or uncooked MDF. The rebate alternative can be chosen for easy-repair cable administration on the skirting board. There are sort of great state-of-the-art skirting boards, in a form of softwoods and hardwoods, with typical MDF and moisture-resistant MDF.

Bullnose is an exceptionally unembellished design, assured to reward a cutting-edge and centered show up to any room. Bullnose skirting board is readily available in eleven distinct common heights starting from 50mm – 300mm in top. The phase from the back of the skirting board is machined out to accommodate any cables or pipes. The bullnose architrave supplies a crisp delicate conclude in an effort to give right preferred look. The bullnose skirting wishes is low renovation and it is handy to clean and may just accomplice with any inside of form.

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