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Buy Premium Zebra Rugs in Abu Dhabi

Carpets Abu Dhabi is famous for offering the best and extensive range of rugs and carpets including several colors, design, fabrics, prints and categories, etc. We are also known for offering natural and beautiful animals rugs including Zebra Rugs, zebra hides, cow hides, cheetah hides, etc. These days’ people focus more on their interior of the house along with the functionality. They choose products which along with satisfying their need are also presentable and classy. Zebra Rugs are becoming trendy and famous and they give the natural touch to the rooms and house.

Zebra Rugs are the rugs having zebra skin patterns on them. These zebra patterns are sometimes printed on the rugs or can also be handmade. Zebra Rugs can be also made out of the original zebra skin and these are known as Zebra Hides. In some case the zebra pattern is also printed on cow hides to give it natural and appealing look.

Zebra Rugs are available in different shapes. Some times when made out of original zebra skin, they are shaped in proper zebra animal shaped. Some are in irregular shape and some are round and square shape. Zebra Rugs adds natural beauty with their amazing colors and unique textures. These rugs are naturally very soft and makes it so comfy and makes the room cozy.

Zebra Rugs can be used under table in the living room, it can be installed in the bedrooms, and they look beautiful. In zebra hides, the color doesn’t fade because original zebra skin is being used to make the Zebra Rug. These Zebra rugs are available in multiple colors which could be easily matched to your interior and wall color. These Zebra Rugs are merely comfortable without any unpleasant smell or odor. Our rugs are very easy to clean and maintain using vacuum cleaner.

Why Buy Zebra Rugs From Carpet Abu Dhabi?

Because we are one of the best and amazing quality suppliers of any kind of animal printed rugs and animal hides. We import the hides of an animal from their native origins to make sure the quality of our product is not compromised. We are good at what we do and there are some of the major characteristics which make us different from other suppliers.

  1. Our quality is never compromised.
  2. Our carpets and rugs are non-flammable.
  3. Our zebra rugs and all other products are very durable and reliable and last’s long life.
  4. We give the facility of customized rugs too, you share your designs or prints and we will make it the way you like it.
  5. Our well trained staff can visit at your place to show you samples and also take measurements for custom size products.
  6. All our cost is inclusive of product cost, delivery cost and installation cost aswell.
  7. Our rugs and carpets are very trendy, unique and germ free.
  8. We offer very pocket friendly rates, thus our products are affordable by anyone and everyone.

If you are someone residing across Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you are looking for best Zebra Rugs, Feel free to contact us on below details:

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